I love aphorisms. I love the challenge, the chore, and the chaos of arranging words and I think aphorisms are the perfect practice for word play. Aphorisms are UX writing at it's best. Here are some of my favorites out of the hundreds I've written over a the past few years. 

He is a blind man lost in the forest.  Loving him provided the map.

I pity the fool, but I’ll let him kiss me.

Coming out is a lot like dying—it only happens once and typically it hurts.

Got a dream? Fantasize it. “Fuck it, forget it!”

Nobody’s a virgin. Life fucks us all.

Aches and pains are your body whispering, “You are still alive.”

Misery loves company but still feels like the only one at the party.

Love is a dove flying repeatedly into a plate glass window.

It is better to be the heartbroken than the heartbreaker.

Art: running out of ideas to appropriate.

Ex-lover: out of sight but forever on my mind.

A penny saved is a penny earned, but I prefer hundreds.

A bird in the hand is also called a middle finger.

Revenge may be sweet but the aftertaste is bitter.

When the going gets tough, find a softer path.


Copyright 2015 Cam K Johnson