H+ Creative Agency

UX Writing / Copyediting / Content Strategy


— The Run Down —

H+ Creative Agency - artist representation

The project—
H+ Creative Agency needed creative content for their website—hover copy, creative biographies, about section adjustments

During my time at H+ Creative I helped conceptualize and set up the blog/news function. This included tagging strategies, titling conventions and the overall tone. H+ Creative requested personalized artist hover biographies. As the user hovers over a specific artist, a shortened version of their bio is visible as the art becomes opaque. In addition to hover bios, H+ Creative asked for two-sentence artist biographies that pack a punch.

What I did—
- Stakeholder Interviews
- Artist Interviews
- Content Strategy
- Write / Edit
- Format content in Wix


— The Goods —

Image Hover Copy—
[ View more hover copy here ]

Shawna X Hover

Content Strategy—
[ More info coming soon ]

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 11.57.03 AM.png

Artist Biographies—
[ More info coming soon ]

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